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BCS connects the IT Professionals with the top Fortune 500 and mid-market companies across the nation. We focus on providing software & services that add business value to our clients.

Job Seekers:

BCS will thrive to provide the exciting career opportunities in the IT industry. In BCS, you are just as important as our clients, which is why you will be always top priority.


BCS is highly skilled in recruiting professionals for all IT platforms. We take extend care in overall training, preparation, presenting and on-boarding process of the professional.

Our Services

BCS is focused on providing quality training in end-to-end application Development, Testing, Devops and Support. We thrive to keep our IT consultants top in skill-set and IT market.

IT staffing solutions

These are the days of tougher competition and it is ever – evolving market out there. the ability of assembling optimum performance teams that cop up with immediate changes makes us advantageous. With number of locations throughout the globe, uncompromising network and quality in staffing provides clients with the best solutions.

IT Services

We have a huge client base and deal with tens of thousands of IT Professionals every week. Our IT relations make us strong in turning things alive and creating workable environments. We deliver specialty and unique IT Services to our clients with our strong network. BCS has its fine stretch in following services.

Specialized Services

Quality preparation and execution always harbingers of huge success. We have these principles in mind every moment our journey. BCS counsels you about the right workforce strategies and helps in achieving your goals. We extend our services at the moment whenever you feel the need to hire new employees.

why choose us?

BCS specializes in delivering Software Solutions and Services. Professional IT consultants are the backbone of BCS.
With our process of connecting based on not only the skills and capabilities of an IT consultant, but also their ability to be a good cultural fit,
we create stronger relationships with both our Clients and professional IT consultants.

BCS offers a wide range of IT services that are needed for business development like Staffing Solutions, Consulting, Software Development, Cloud Computing and many other services. The company offers a fine crop of IT services to the customers on specific work or time bound projects. BCS has the bigheads positioned towards selecting efficient manpower will offer handpicked and skilled employees to the clients. The management spirit and recruiting system followed by the company ensures quality output of the work with varied expertise with skills and experience.
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Our Recent Projects

BCS is here to deliver Software Solutions and Services. We continue to expand and develop our services to help businesses in unlocking
the value of its passion of its resources, potential and creativity of the whole organization.

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Every IT staffing company has a string of bullet points listing the benefits they offer IT professionals—compensation, jobs in a diverse set of industries, senior level positions—with this, we’re all very similar. As an IT professional searching for the best IT jobs, you deserve better than just the bullet points.

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